31 August 2010

friends reunited

I am excited beyond reason. Do you remember when I told you about my blue and white friends way back? Well, I couldn't believe my eyes this evening when by sheer coincidence I came across this beautiful website. I was just googling "cornish blue butterdish" (my own shattered into a hundred pieces today after being accidentally hurled across the kitchen) and wasn't "feeling very lucky at all" when up from nowhere came this site - obviously pretty brand spanking new and totally, gloriously restyled! For us Cornish Blue lovers this is very good news indeed as there really seemed little hope that the company might survive its recent troubles but bless my knitted socks here it is, taken into new and clearly very capable hands.
They even offer an online gift service... oh and have you SEEN the packaging?
I wish the company all the very best and hope they reach new heights ensuring I shall never be without my dear friends again.
And, get this, they have a blog!

24 August 2010


Not much of a feminist me, so I'm not even going to start. It kind of bothers me, actually, feminism. The sheer idea that there could ever have been a difference between the sexes intellectually or on any other level drives me nuts, and that we even had to discuss it and fight about it, bores me. It's all down to ignorance on a monumental scale. I've always been of the opinion that this is a humanistic issue rather than a social one. Of course I'm not sticking my head in the sand, nor am I that stupid to claim that there hasn't been "an issue" of sorts, but I've never felt the need to fight for my right. Then again I was born in '68, which may explain my attitude. Also I've probably arrived at a table that is all set and has allowed me to just go ahead and tuck in. I think what I don't like is feminism amongst my agegroup. That's the (big) difference. So before some of you ladies log off never to be seen again, please rest assured that I'm talking about MY timezone and not eras gone by.
Which leads me straight (?) into Mad Men and my slight obsession with Joan Holloway. I only discovered Mad Men about 4 months ago and it's taken my admiration for American TV show making to another level. Apart from being the most supremely stylish show ever to hit our screens I love it for its subtlety and it's very satisfying attention to detail. First class stuff. Also love it for all the fantastically un-pc things it doesn't say but that are glaringly obvious in the beautiful delivery of its cast. Subtlety can be so wonderful. Plus it's totally rekindled my love affair with America, especially with New York.

18 August 2010

a good look

We came across a beauty of a shop on our daytrip to Luzern the other day (well to be honest quite a few but this one's colour-scheme was particularly photogenic). I should have taken more pictures but the shop owner was hovering around and I'm never quite sure if my snapping at their wares and stylish displays is that much appreciated. Then again we all know it ends up here, on t'interweb. Once, on a city-break to Munich visiting my father, I was very snap-happy in a store of sorts (remember this?) and was given a right old telling off for my impertinence. The Bavarians are ever so slightly tetchy though, so I should have seen it/her coming. I tried in vain to explain that I wasn't there to copy or rip off but just to praise and promote. She wasn't having any of it and and it turned into a bit of a mind battle. There was me hoping for closure on what seemed such a trivial misunderstanding. By this I mean a simple smile, signalling her delayed appreciation ie. trust in my regard, but looking at the icy stare, I knew that was about as likely as seeing the Pope in a pair of Lederhosen. I stomped off in frustration. So much for closure. I wonder whether her insistence with me and other visitors will ultimately pay off.
Anyway, in Luzern it was fine, the owner of the above pictured flower shop actually smiled and was not at all bothered. The shop was Bl├╝tenblatt and can be found in one of Luzern´s most charming quarters, in the Kleinstadt.

12 August 2010

Afternoon tea time

This is what I'm going to have (well, Julie two and me two, obv) just as soon as I've finished typing. In fact I reckon I'll have scoffed my share before I've finished this post. Being an accomplished multi-tasker that shouldn't really present a big problem. Rainy afternoons were made for this. Of course I'd love to stay and write more interesting lovely stuff for you to read but I simply can't. Oh, and I've just noticed An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr is about to start (thank you, Lord!).
Bye now.


The smallest, simplest things make such a difference. A posy, courtesy of Eveline, whose undervalued concept of selling freshly cut, random-coloured and intensely fragrant roses direct from her walled rose garden in Avegno is one of my absolute favourite spring/summer pleasures. Prices are great too: CHF 1 to 1.60 a stem. She has a large fridge from which you can pick and choose your blooms, and a tatty old till into which you are invited to deposit the relevant amount. The whole transaction is based entirely on trust, which makes it all the more charming. Eveline has 2 fridges laden with roses (does anyone know of a third or even a fourth?), one is, as stated, outside her house and garden in Avegno and the other on the piazza here in Verscio. 

03 August 2010

puppy love

I seem to be surrounded by stylish dog owners at the moment and when I saw this I couldn't help but think of my dear friend Dani. She has just become the very proud new puppy mummy of the most gorgeous Bassett Hound you have ever laid your eyes on. All ears and big eyes and huge paws. Beautiful. Her name's Norma and this "Pup Tent" has her name on it, I feel.
Click here to find out more about  super cool Slade Architecture and their fantastic contribution to the annual auction for New York's Design Trust for Public Space.  

Once again this particular style gem comes to you via the rather smashingly wonderful Contemporist.

                                            Pup Tent

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