12 February 2009

blue and white friends

I remember a few raised eyebrows and puzzled looks when our wedding list was distributed in 1994. Not from our family, but our friends (some of them at least). It was just not 'trendy' or 'very now'. But we knew what we wanted. We both always loved simple style. My Cornish Blue was, and still is, just as indispensable as the previously mentioned Agatha Christie collection. Not for us the Royal Doulton nor the trendy pieces from the Habitat china collection. My stripey friends have seen me through numerous trends and admittedly, there were short periods of 'I need a break', yet every single time they resurfaced I loved them even more. Here is a perfect example of a classic design that transcends time and is never pigeonholed into any particular 'era'. Not really being someone that goes for shabby-chic or the cottage-look (which is not to say that I'm not an admirer) we always favoured the modern and our homes do tend to look rather minimal, with clear lines. This can come across as hard but remarkably, timeless pieces like the Cornish Blue look even more powerful when they stand on our modern oak dining table. I prefer them there, with a modern backdrop, rather than in a traditional dainty English country kitchen. Ultimately they also serve as 'buffers', softening and warming up the sometimes hard lines of a minimal home. What I so love about design that's this good, is that it looks just as fabulous in a Bauhaus home as it does in Spring Cottage, Devon.


dan said...

You're quite right. It is truly delightful and also looks great next to the title of your blog!

Ali said...

Yes Cornish Blue has always appealed to me too!! How nice that you have included it in your blog. It is things like that that can make a simple coffee or tea a more enjoyable experience.I remember the cornish blue from a holiday as a child in ..strangely,,guernsey where we shared a house with a family of goats, we had the cornish blue china there! Thanks for reminding me of that memory! I love my 'Birds' Collection from Emma Brigewater and a 1930's tea set with wild spring flowers on . I recently 'took tea' with my 90 year old swiss german neighbour and delighted her with my spring flower bone china tea set. Some things are timeless.

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