28 June 2010

'bout time

OK well that only took a week. To unwind, I mean. Don't know why I'm making it sound like some great, big revelation. Year in year out it's the same story: nothing but tension and apprehension during the first week followed by such total relaxation, that you'd have trouble finding a pulse between the lot of us. Luck would have it dear readers, that the kids have give or take three months off in the summer and we "as a family" insist on taking a ridiculous 3 weeks' holiday (because we're worth it) in glorious posh Sardenia (but we're camping so that's ok), and so we just settle and try to enjoy. Like I said it takes a while but oh, does it happen. We're now "in the zone" after bickering and swearing under our breath for a week, and can look forward to sweet abandonmemt on the sand, in the sea, and by the bar. I was getting a bit nervous this year but what a relief when not a moment too soon it happened after all.

25 June 2010

wrap it up

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I remember being delighted at the sight of this paper last summer and thinking "oooh, I must put that on the blog" (but alas that was pre-iPhone and therefore inconceivable to post on the spot; and to do it 3 weeks later in the lull of homely doings would seem a bit irrelevant as one of my BIG things is to give in to my impulsiveness). I couldn't resist therefore when I went to our little supermarket for provisions this morning and was handed several little parcels neatly packed in this lovely "Nonna Isa" paper. Simple and lovely, don't you think?

24 June 2010


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As if you needed proof that this camping malarkey is all it's cracked up to be and more, right? Here is a peek at a moment this afternoon, post-lunch. Sarongs blowing in the wind and hammock-happiness.

23 June 2010

living in tents, part 2

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Am deliriously happy that our campsite has WiFi. It's completely changed the whole feel of the place. Well, of the bar at least. All of a sudden everywhere you look there are iPhone users and people sitting at tables under the eucalyptus trees catching up on goodness knows what - it all looks very serious but I bet most of them are either tweeting or on Facebook. As for me I have no laptop, let alone an iPad, but I have pen and paper and a serious bout of writer's/blogger's block. Handwriting though seems to be so NOT the point with this blogging thing. It has to be typed, surely. I did try yesterday to scribble in my notepad (no not the electronic kind, just a plain old hardbacked black 'n red book) and whilst I felt fabulously intellectual and old-school, I somehow couldn't get half the momentum going that my tapping fingers can, plus my hand really hurt. I have my trusted iPhone though (and WiFi!!!!!) and some app that promises to link up to my blog and publish. We will see. I have a feeling the format will leave much to be desired for but as I have some serious catching up to do, post-wise, I really see no other option. My posts will look a bit different over the next few weeks dear friends, but heck, at least I'm writing and seem to have got over the temporary but rather disturbing aforementioned block. All I needed was a bit of sun. And some coffee. And some time off. And to be back here, in our beautiful hideaway. With WiFi.

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