30 January 2009

so, what do you think?

Well my first blogweek is almost over and I have to say it's definitely something I'm going to enjoy doing. Please come back and visit again soon - I have lots of wonderful style stories and pictures just waiting in the sidelines, waiting to be published here. Next week I'll be visiting a wonderful local wine maker who's been producing a rather fancy drop of Merlot for many years from his vines here in the village. As well as the tastefully packaged bottles, I hope to also capture a picture of him and his wife, too. Bye for now. Let me have your comments....

more Karin

I just can't get enough of this lady's work - try these for injecting some colour into your winter wardrobe. They look best worn over the simplest of shapes and work well on charcoal, black, denim or other natural shades. Tucked away in the idyllic Ticino, Karin works her magic in a super-organised studio stacked with hundreds of boxes bursting with colour. I have to remember to ask when her next Open House is taking place - if you're in the area, it's not to be missed!

27 January 2009


To us he was just Bud. A mythical figure, albeit a family member. Forever present in my idyllic childhood. The artist. The painter. Canadian, he spent many years in Paris as well as with us in Richmond, London, Menzonio and G├╝tersloh of all places...... In Paris he was a sought after fashion illustrator for Harper's Bazaar and produced some wonderful sketches (if you are into fashion, visit the website in my links column and take a look at his fabulous illustrations - actually visit the website in any case, fashion-junky or not, he's much more versatile than that). Later in the 70's he dedicated most of his time to painting in oil and watercolour and produced some rather wonderful portraits (above) and landscapes of wherever he spent most time (London, Richmond, Switzerland, Rome, Tahiti.....) He had a great sense of style, did Bud.

ceramics by Cri & Domi

These two girls have been making ceramics in their little studio in Losone (Canton Ticino, Switzerland) since forever - or so it would seem. They work together creating simple, natural shapes, beautiful textures in stunning colours. A growing production, thankfully.
Handmade to order.

26 January 2009

beautiful necklaces by Karin Van Hurne

Karin, a wonderfully creative lady with a remarkable sense of style. Her collections are updated seasonally and her necklaces sell like hotcakes - for obvious reasons. Stay posted for news on Karin's next Open House!

25 January 2009

Bamboo forest, back garden.

first time blogger

So, after much thought and tons of inspiration, this is where mine begins. My blog. In an effort to capture style that is simple and natural. Style that's all around us and that I feel I can't ignore. So I put it here - all that inspires me.

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