27 January 2009


To us he was just Bud. A mythical figure, albeit a family member. Forever present in my idyllic childhood. The artist. The painter. Canadian, he spent many years in Paris as well as with us in Richmond, London, Menzonio and G├╝tersloh of all places...... In Paris he was a sought after fashion illustrator for Harper's Bazaar and produced some wonderful sketches (if you are into fashion, visit the website in my links column and take a look at his fabulous illustrations - actually visit the website in any case, fashion-junky or not, he's much more versatile than that). Later in the 70's he dedicated most of his time to painting in oil and watercolour and produced some rather wonderful portraits (above) and landscapes of wherever he spent most time (London, Richmond, Switzerland, Rome, Tahiti.....) He had a great sense of style, did Bud.

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