20 July 2010

shady spot no.3

shady spot no.2

shady spot no.1

The time has come for summer guests. Every year we hope they return and this year, we shall not be dissappointed. The heat is practically unbearable (for some - not for me - and possibly for the houseguests as they arrive from cooler climes) and therefore I thought it might be a good idea to think about shady spots. Here are a few which might take our guests' fancy and which will give them a taste of things to come (you know who you are!). The sunlounger is my particular favourite and in the afternoon there is nothing better than to read ones favourite book and nod off ever so slightly.
We are considering launching as a B&B...


First time back on the computer in 3 weeks! Feels weird and very big and really comfortable. During the hols I've been posting from my iPhone (don't you know it) and after my initial exhilaration at having conquered my temporary inability to write, I soon realised that miniature blogging was about as appealing as applying factor 30 on sand covered skin. Of course I'll never stop loving my iPhone (until I realise that I can't live without the iPhone 4 - which I reckon will be real soon or at least once they've sorted out the signal probs) but nothing beats a good old chunky keyboard where I can blindly and flawlessly tap away without forever going back to correct the ridiculous amount of typos that appear when I blog from my phone. No offence Steve, but you need fingertips the size of chopsticks to type, even when going horizontal.

Anyway glancing over my recent holiday posts, sat here in my holiday blues stance in front of above mentioned computer, I realise that the photos are just a tad over-sized. Funnily it doesn't bother me much, in fact I rather like it and they suit the blog, particularly when taken with my beloved Hipstamatic (if you haven't got it, please do just get on with it). For anyone my age, who loves a little weep while leafing through old family photo albums, then this is the app for you. I've just taken a load of pics of the family beachside and if I didn't know any better, then I'd swear they were taken in 1968 or '72, depending on which fabulous lens/film you choose. I'm sure most of you actually have it already installed, but you never know.

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