30 January 2009

so, what do you think?

Well my first blogweek is almost over and I have to say it's definitely something I'm going to enjoy doing. Please come back and visit again soon - I have lots of wonderful style stories and pictures just waiting in the sidelines, waiting to be published here. Next week I'll be visiting a wonderful local wine maker who's been producing a rather fancy drop of Merlot for many years from his vines here in the village. As well as the tastefully packaged bottles, I hope to also capture a picture of him and his wife, too. Bye for now. Let me have your comments....

1 comment:

Aliem said...

We think it's great!! Loving your take on life in Ticino, eaking out all the interesting stuff for us to enjoy. Looking forward to each addition. And when did sense overcome a good party!!!

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