25 June 2010

wrap it up

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I remember being delighted at the sight of this paper last summer and thinking "oooh, I must put that on the blog" (but alas that was pre-iPhone and therefore inconceivable to post on the spot; and to do it 3 weeks later in the lull of homely doings would seem a bit irrelevant as one of my BIG things is to give in to my impulsiveness). I couldn't resist therefore when I went to our little supermarket for provisions this morning and was handed several little parcels neatly packed in this lovely "Nonna Isa" paper. Simple and lovely, don't you think?

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Ali x said...

I love it! Its just the thing I would have stuck in my holiday scrap book as a child, along with interesting jam lids and sugar cube wraps and labels from bottles peculiar to a region! Good to see pleasure can still be had from such things 40 years on!!!!

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