24 August 2010


Not much of a feminist me, so I'm not even going to start. It kind of bothers me, actually, feminism. The sheer idea that there could ever have been a difference between the sexes intellectually or on any other level drives me nuts, and that we even had to discuss it and fight about it, bores me. It's all down to ignorance on a monumental scale. I've always been of the opinion that this is a humanistic issue rather than a social one. Of course I'm not sticking my head in the sand, nor am I that stupid to claim that there hasn't been "an issue" of sorts, but I've never felt the need to fight for my right. Then again I was born in '68, which may explain my attitude. Also I've probably arrived at a table that is all set and has allowed me to just go ahead and tuck in. I think what I don't like is feminism amongst my agegroup. That's the (big) difference. So before some of you ladies log off never to be seen again, please rest assured that I'm talking about MY timezone and not eras gone by.
Which leads me straight (?) into Mad Men and my slight obsession with Joan Holloway. I only discovered Mad Men about 4 months ago and it's taken my admiration for American TV show making to another level. Apart from being the most supremely stylish show ever to hit our screens I love it for its subtlety and it's very satisfying attention to detail. First class stuff. Also love it for all the fantastically un-pc things it doesn't say but that are glaringly obvious in the beautiful delivery of its cast. Subtlety can be so wonderful. Plus it's totally rekindled my love affair with America, especially with New York.


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