24 February 2009

mothers and daughters

I will be honest, when I have moments like these, when I gently, lovingly rummage 'round my memories and remember unbearably precious and magical times with my mother, then I really do wish that I too had had a daughter. No matter how difficult the relationship is or was, and let's face it, some memories really should be banished forever, a mother does tend to achieve icon-status during the course of any daughter's adult life.
There is, I believe, a subtle difference between having personal style and being stylish. I love personal style more because it's just so natural and cannot be mimicked (as hard as I may try, Mama, I just cannot be you!) - but that's the beauty of it. Personal style is perfectly achievable as it does not really conform to any rules, it's pure you. I delight in spotting people with great personal style; first and foremost because they radiate confidence and secondly it's as if they are carrying a closely guarded secret which they can never reveal. It's wonderful, don't you think?
So today, in a house that is dominated by all things male, I decided to retreat and go wondering down memory lane where I came across some beautiful photos of Barbara, my mum. From laid-back beach lounging, to high-gloss airport lounges, she pulls off all the looks that I love. And here is where I pay tribute to her and her own very personal style. There is absolutely no doubt that I owe my mother everything in the style stakes - she's always been my sole inspiration (circa 1972 onwards, especially the Manhattan and London eras) and I will always keep trying to look even just a bit as good as her. Maybe a little has rubbed off, because I think that it's a daughter's privilege - to carry her mother's style torch through the generations. You see how lovely it would have been, to have also had a daughter?


Therese said...

Aaaah, I like this topic. It is lovely, lovely, lovely. I too wonder often what it would be like to have a daughter. I also wonder how my own personel style would have developed if I hadn't lost my mum at 16.. A crucial time developing from an awkward teenager into a woman.Who then became my role models?...it had to be hollywood and the music biz...phew no wonder I was confused!
It is a gorgeous photo of you and your mum Steff...family gold. x

dan said...

Aahh, Steffi, what a lovely post! And what a credit to your mama you are. Personally, I find your style AMAZING! To me, you always look cool and stylish, a very special Rapunzel. And you know, having two girls (which I dearly wished for) I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a sweet little guy I produced myself! The unsolved mistery!!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful and endearing. I would be very happy to have a tribute to me from my little Ellie. And I really enjoy your free-style writing. C

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