19 February 2009


Not very glamourous, you'll say. Where's the style in slippers? I hear you ask. Well if you have a wonderfully cosy pair of Birkenstock felt slippers like mine, you'll know where this is going. I know, there's a bit of a felt-theme running through the Style Inside at the moment (not to mention the colour grey!) but it's a long hard winter and trust me, it's where it's at. Grey felt is just one of those lovely components that gives this season a bit of subtle, understated style. And that includes my slippers. By the same token, let's not kid ourselves: a slipper's a slipper, right? Well, yes, but I'd rather loaf around the house with my feet encased in something that looks good, than opt for something highly flammable and the colour of red wine. How about you, do you like the felt clogs or are you more the Marilyn-type, all kittenheels and marabou trim?

1 comment:

Jane said...

I love my slippers, I have brown leather ones and knitted slipper socks as well as my trusted old leather birkentocks which I wear with a pair of thick socks for that urban hippy look.

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