01 March 2009


Here in our part of the world 'carnevale' is taken rather seriously. Astonishingly, not just by the young. Adults too enjoy this pre-Lent tradition with great abandon. To the point where I have to ask: "Is it absolutely necessary?". Do you really have to wear Pippy Longstocking plaits or walk around dressed like a cow at the age of 48? Personally, I don't quite understand it, one obviously has to be born and bred here to really 'feel it' - which I do not. And yet, in spite of my non-appreciation of this local custom, I did come across a rather fabulous pirate the other day. He was so fabulous in fact that I felt he would be well placed here. He has it, this one. Style in buckets. If I looked this good 'in costume', I would probably also be tempted to participate.


dan said...

My word, this guy has class in buckets! Love his belt purse and the boots. And his expression: priceless!
Don't fancy carnival either, but gimme a pirate any day!

Therese said...

wow, it's all in the eyes....find him a stage !

kittycakes said...

you know, i have to say that i think pirates beats penguins. and i thought penguins were great.

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