01 March 2011


A little Music Update for you, just a quickie, nothing that will take up too much of your time but that will undoubtedly give great pleasure to some of you, and which seems, from where I'm sitting, important and well-placed here. 
No, it's not about my latest obsession (Plan B) but my longterm love (Sinatra & Jobim). Some of you faithfull followers will remember many posts ago my ode to ye that art great (Sinatra, Jobim and mein Papa). Now we have the next chapter of that story:
Yes, last year, a mere forty-one years after it was recorded and forty years after it was pulled from the shelves by eager fans, Sinatra/Jobim can finally be heard as it was intended to be. Trust me when I say, it’s so been worth the wait. 1969 was indeed a very good year. Barnes & Noble put it rather nicely in their Review right here.
There's a time and a place for Plan B, but some days, some moments, only Francis Albert will do.

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Ali x said...

Thanks Steff, as usual something inspirational from you -as we have come to expect. Just listened to the Sinatra track on your 2009 blog, so love it. Have your Dad's Sinatra CD in the car at the moment too, the whole family love it.x

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