25 January 2011

beauty love

Twitter, just like love, is a many splendoured thing, and The Style Inside loves some of the beauty bloggers who over the past months have become constant companions and given great tweets and fabulous beauty news. A girl's life in general, not just on Twitter, would be dull without the musings of these ladies on vital matters such as nail colour, shampoos, lip stains and foundation.... The thing is, when I read their blogs I know I'm listening to a *real* woman. Someone a bit like me. A contemporary. A partner in crime in matters of glamour/fashion/beauty/life. Heck, we can even share childcare tips with these girls. We like that their vast professional experience and talent is given further depth by their real, no-nonsene, non-artificial personas; it's what counts, it's what's important to us and it's what comes across stark and clear in their blogs. As if that wasn't enough we even get Wit thrown in for free, and that's what clinches it for me every time. Whilst we girls (and more and more boys) are used to hanging on the lips and words of the last uttered beauty giant's promise, I'd rather have my info filtered intelligently, realistically into neat, bite-sized chunks by someone  who I can a) relate to and b) makes me laugh.
Not being much of a beauty blogger myself except for maybe here, I thought it would be a good thing to point my readers and followers in the direction of the beauty gals that count. I list them in no particular order or preference and encourage you to a tasting session, see which one ticks your boxes. I'm a glutton so love 'em all. 

The Style Inside Beauty Ritual

Obviously these four are only the tip of the beautyblog iceberg, each one offers a huge number of more beauty links you never knew existed.


britishbeautyblogger said...

wow! thank you so much.. it's great to hear that, so succinctly put.

The-Beauty-Pages.com said...

Ah thank you so much!!

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