19 April 2010

outside the box

Well let me tell you that it's at times like these when I think that it's certainly not about Style! Emotions have been running high of late. What with vulcanos throwing up their ash and causing total European havoc and of course the elusive warmth of spring leaving much to be desired for, we're all feeling a bit let down aren't we? Add to that the last soul-destroying, persistent shreds of a much churned over world economic crisis together with a looming election (if like me you have part of your heart anchored in the UK), and you may as well throw in the towel.
Well, being the incorrigible optimist that I am, I just refuse to believe that we are on any friggin' slope to nowhere. On the contrary. This, to me, is the moment when we gather strength from the things that really matter. Simple things. Take the vulcano. I bloody LOVE that volcano because for one thing it's reminded me that flying is not as vital as all those Easy Jet and BA ads would make us believe. Let's just regroup here for a moment and remember there are other ways to travel. Train. Bus. Car. Heck! How about bike? Better even to just stay put. And hey, it's only a journey. This is nature being kind, not cruel.
Alright, I'm done with that. What I really came here for is to tell you about my recent trip to Milan. It's the Salone (actually it's SO over now, it finished on Sunday, keep up!). Carpe Diem and all I decided to grab the interior designer husband by the hand and head (by train!) to Milano Centrale for a bit of FuoriSalone-fun (totally fab iPhone App called Interni Guida FuoriSalone is a bit of a winner!). We're slightly over the Halls in Rho and decided it would be much more exciting to head for Tortona and Lambrate for a bit of cutting edge design. We weren't wrong. Of course we really should have taken 2 days (maybe 3) and some comfy shoes (omg the blisters on my heels!) to really do the "fringe event" any justice but it was totally worth it. Loads of inspiration and beautiful exterior and interior furniture offered up delectably in picturesque, ivy-clad courtyards and canal-side settings. Unbelievably, we live one-and-a-half-hours away from Milan yet in the past 4 years have never bothered to take the time to go (en amoureux, as my friend Alec would say) and roam the streets of this lovely city - especially as professionally and personally speaking, architecture and retail are somewhat of an obsession of ours. Sheesh! Well, we've already made our next appointment and this time, we'll be taking the kids.
Ultimately our conclusion was that no matter how happy you are or think you are (!), it's quite important to make the effort to step outside your comfort zone every now and then (whether you live say in Ticino or California - off the top of my head now). Otherwise you really may as well throw in the towel.


dani said...

Well (as always) you are RIGHT! I was a bit (ahem!) harsh about Milano the other day and I feel truly sorry now (towards whom, I don't really know...) BUT I will definitely reconsider and spend a day in Milano with you all sometime! xx

Jane said...

SOO true xxx

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