21 April 2010

empty beauty

I came across this wonderful site courtesy of a fellow writer. It features images of abandoned houses in and around Detroit. 100 Abandoned Houses is a magical labour of love by local photographer Kevin Bauman whose specific interest in Detroit's Brush Park and its surrounding areas produced a wonderful image bank of abandoned houses. Read his story here.
The pictures are so strong, that absolutely no text is needed. Each and every house has such personality and becomes a character with its own story to tell.  I am fascinated rather than sad when I look at them, they're mesmerising, don't you agree? There is mystery here and there is life (albeit as a memory) rather than death. Houses that are empty are always more intriguing to me than those filled with people. When they are empty or more devastatingly even abandoned as in Bauman's case, we're just left with the luxury of imagination to make what we will of their history. Super stuff.


Anonymous said...

i am a big fan of house renovations, gardens, ecc. very curious about before and after. imagening what could be. have to take some time and look at the site of this photographer. great stefanie! laurien

style inside said...

Laurien, amazing what you learn about your friends! I kind of had an idea that you liked renovating though, with your mountain house project and all. Really cool. Thanks for leaving a comment :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Just imagine all the stories that could be told about when people lived in these homes. It's mysterious and intriguing. I marvel at the photos. Cindy

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