22 March 2010

80's girl

Indulging in a bit of 80's Free Association, something surprising came up. I was (ahem, I AM) a bit of a Simple Minds freak. Who knew? Well, it's news to me but I'm having quite the time of my life singing at the top of my voice to Waterfront and Alive and Kicking. I know the whole white tights, black boots and flappy coat look (on men) doesn't seem like much but stick Jim-I-like-to-wave-my-arms-about-Kerr in 'em and I beg to differ. Phwoar! I mean what WAS Patsy Kensit's problem?
For me, music-wise the 80's where all about big anthems, right? Simple Minds, U2 and Tears for Fears. Real big-time anthems though, not the repackaged crap that the Ministry of Sound have been trying to sell us for the past 10 years on Amazon.
So while I was watching a few of those oldies but goodies on youtube it became obvious how very unsophisticated they were - compared to let's say Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Video Phone video. Beyonce can wipe the floor with her productions as can most other current and cutting edge artists, but there's something quite endearing and raw about all that 80's footage. I know, you had to be there and as I type I'm realising that my age is unashamedly revealing itself through my rant, but still... I'm proud and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Christ, have you SEEN Bono in With or Without You?

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