24 January 2010


One year guys, one whole year of The Style Inside. It started on a whim and look at it now. My own little blog, chugging along and churning out (fairly) regular short stories and thoughts on style. Happy Birthday, blog. Am not having a cake or a party but what I'd simply love is a little retrospective exercise to remind me what the readers really like. You'll see 2 new items on the left: firstly I've added a blog archive divided into months, this contains all the 2009 posts starting with the very first one a year ago today. Secondly above that, you'll see the so-called retrospective exercise, in other words a simple poll. Answer the question (anonymously and even if you're a newcomer) by just clicking the month that features your favourite story. Of course it would thrill me to bits if you were to actually give me an indication or a key word from the exact story by placing a comment here, but I feel that would be pushing it. I know how precious everyone's time is, so a simple click will do. Really.
Needless to say I am nothing without you, dear readers, so let me embrace you with gratitude.


Anonymous said...

grey haired ladies - wayhay!

dani said...

I have of course voted my favorite style story but really... how can I choose just 1 when every new post is such a fantastic read my friend? Keep going and inspire us all with your writing, ideas and great sense of style! xxx

Anonymous said...

I agreed with dani...
My favorite story is ALWAYS the last one!
brava brava brava. Continua assolutamente a regalarci queste meraviglie fatte di parole ed immagini. Vale

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