19 January 2010

looking ahead, not down

Clinging on for dear life here in little old Verscio, mid-January with no sign of spring WHATSOEVER the only glimmer on my horizon at the moment is the thought of a forthcoming birthday... but hang on, even that's not exciting anymore. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but a good old moan, especially now, in the chill of this first 2010 month is something that a few of  you may feel like doing too - whether you live here in Verscio or in Manhattan. Same difference. Mind you it won't last. The grimness. It never does. And especially not here. It's only a phase and if I can only inch my way through it, keeping my head down and remembering to boil the kettle and feed the kids between tweets and statuses, I'll be just fine.
Eventually I'll pinch myself, wake up and focus on the positive as always and work hard at making our dreams come true:       
                                    Travelling far far and beyond with Mr R and the lads, and...

                                                       Happy New Year everyone.


alexandra said...

sempre belle foto! per il testo non posso dirti non capisco sempre tutto.

Therese said...

Hang in there Steffi, spring is around the corner...ish. We are heading to Oz at easter time so why don't you and your boys, and , that fab luggage join us down under! x

style inside said...

that would be gorgeous!!! alas we have already planned a testosterone-filled Deutschland tour, Stuttgart (the Porsche Museum followed swiftly by the Mercedes Museum...)and then down to Munich to re-vist BMW world no doubt. What I am most looking forward to though, is paying my long overdue respects to my dear and beloved Oma in Heilbronn. Thank you honey, for you comment!!!

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