24 March 2009

suits you, sir

Recent talk of a new job for Mr R has led to thoughts of the male wardrobe. I do love a shopping spree so when Mr R said that maybe it was about time he invested in a real suit, my eyes lit up. Not being one to hold back, I of course instantly associated the words 'real' and 'suit' with Savile Row. I don't think that was the answer or reaction he was looking for. Where's the problem? There's is nothing purer in terms of tailoring. And anyway, now that we are definitely adults with proper jobs, I think such an investment would be more than justified. And I do love a good tailored look on a man. Did you not watch the recent, mesmerising BBC 4 documentary Savile Row? It was sheer poetry and frankly, after watching one of Henry Poole & Co's customers go through all those fittings, I really didn't think that there was that much wrong with the amount asked in payment for the final glory. Did you not see that suit? It was a work of art - worth every little recession-ridden penny. Mr R remains unmoved. He has not had the last word. On our next visit to London, he'll be dragged to Mayfair where I will have already made appointments at Henry Poole and of course Norton & Sons. Do go and have a peek for yourselves.

And if the above websites aren't enough to get you going, try this one, it should do it for you.

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dan said...

Now wouldn't that be the perfect job for me? I would LOVE the presence of distinguished men, the traditional ambiance, the sewing and the craftsmanship. Maybe in another life!

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