26 August 2011

the wow factor

If you're not one of the afflicted and if the economic downturn has in fact turned you sunnyside up rather than made you chomp at the bits like the rest of us, then this may be of interest to you. I always reckon that if you're going to do something properly (negative or positive) then you may as well do it with style. Only this morning I came across this amazing website (thanks Amanda!) and was instantly transported back to the UK where I started an imaginary bout of househunting, one of my favourite pastimes. Not really being a great fan of art deco I couldn't help but adore the beautiful house in Marylebone (pictured above), very Poirot and also something about it reminded me of the Casa Batllo in Barcelona, I think it's the light within or maybe the grand staircase. Take a peek inside and see for yourself.
And if renting's your game then the exquisite property in Spitalfields (pictured below) may be to your liking. In fact for Swiss standards the rent the owners are asking doesn't seem that unrealistic, if the property were over here it would probably be double if not triple. Just saying.

And with our fave London famzy in mind, I think the one below may fit the bill to their quest for finding a "gorgeous 60's bungalow in Suffolk". I mean, who could ask for anything more?

You can find these and many more beautiful UK homes for sale or rent on the fantastic WowHaus website by clicking here. Happy hunting.

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