28 October 2010


Nowadays I often wonder what it would feel like, to live in the big city again. Four years ago we opted out and decided to make a massive change in favour of our children's upbringing and our own sanity in terms of social pressures and that whole middle class safety-in-numbers thing. We've always liked to do "our stuff" slightly left of centre and to conform is our idea of hell. We love that we have our imagination and our dreams and aspirations "in tact", like a virgin in a bubble floating through time*, with lots of optimism on top.
You may laugh but to us this was our USP and believe it or not, it really is what keeps us going to this day. We both (him indoors and me) still have our dreams together in our little box and never for one minute have we felt like we're chasing rainbows. I try to define this aspect of our lives but fail miserably each time because I don't like to justify it. It may not have always been an easy ride, what with the odd sacrifice and set-back, but always our little box, drawing us forward relentlessly. "What's THAT about?" I've often wondered, thinking of myself as naive and totally, utterly idealistic. It doesn't last long however; then our dedication and the courage of our convictions come soaring right back with great vigour and renewed energy.
We (here I refer to earthdwellers in general, not just to Mr R and moi) make our decisions by following our dreams and our gut, right? Tell me we're not the only ones. Tell me, that in this supersafe country of caution-loving, risk-hating, money-hoarding individuals, we are not the only idealistic, risk-taking, caution-into-the-wind-throwing dreamers. Tell me it isn't so. Tell me also that 4 years ago there were others like us, in a super-cool city with gorgeous friends and family around them that thought: ok, we're off, we're gonna get us something better/different/challenging/mind-blowing. Obviously both of us have some sort of deep-rooted need to explore and expand/alter the status quo on a fairly regular basis (no..., really?).
So, here we are, 4 years down the Swiss lifeline and my biggest fear is that our wanderlust may set in again. I do hope not 'cos I'm really rather tired of moving, rather happy and raring to go career-wise.
Do I need a bit of reassurance? Do I want confirmation that we made the right choice(s)? Not really. Because today, as I'm sat here in my teeny village I feel like the world lies at my feet. I have the most amazing family, the most incredible friends (local and international) and I have him indoors, the sons and soon a dog.
Plus I have Twitter (alright, and Facebook) and I'd be so dead without them.
This whole post was in fact born from the idea of "giving thanks to social networking sites" (an ode to, if you like) but as often is the case, I got rather carried away and only managed to get to the point here, at the end...
What I'm trying to say, rather badly, is that if like me you have a strong need to socialise, Twitter for example keeps you going, love, doesn't it? It works for me, and I feel like I'm in touch with what's going on in the outside world, in my kind of world. Can't imagine my life today without either one of them.
I have a constant battle with my other half who really struggles with Twitter. He says to me regularly and with much scorn: "Talking to your imaginary friends again?" or "They're not real, you know" (he really IS a very very nice man). I remember to breathe and I let it wash over me. I know he'll "get it" one day. It's just taking him that little bit longer, bless.
*sounds crazy but describes it perfectly, bear with me.


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