02 March 2010

must be big

How absolutely fantastic are large sunglasses? Was reminded of this by my friend D. who breezed by on her bike today looking wonderfully spring-like and glam in her mimosa yellow cardi, tencel jeans and unbelievably large shades. It's a bit like marmite I guess, you either love it or hate it. John Lennon wireless teeny weeny circles? I really don't think so. Larger than large where's-your-face plastic circles?  Mmm, yes please!  I'm already dying to hit the shops* and see what the high street and designers are serving up this season. Thankfully this style doesn't look like it's ever going to go away so you'll find most designers come up with their own version season after season. I am so grateful. It's all to do with glamour and who wants to live without THAT? Nina Ricci relaunched "big" with a fantastic collection of coloured frames (picture below) dedicated to the very one and only Jackie O. What do you think? Gorgeous, eh?
I've also been drooling over Tom Ford...well not really him but his S/S10 eyewear collection - find it here. But don't stop at the eyewear, go navigate round the entire website it'll make you go weak at the knees. Mr Ford is such a style master. 
I'll be indulging my Jackie O passion as usual at the local H&M store where I'm always guaranteed to find at least 3 or 4 superduper oversized styles to stop my craving; and all at the very ridiculous price of CHF 12. I say just buy 2 of each style and be done with it.

*this time I'm not complaining, the local stores offer a very satisfying selection of eyewear collections.


Anonymous said...

I just can't get myself to wear there. Is it the place I come from that prevents me to do so? I mean if I were wear some stylish sunglasses like these, they'd all have a good laugh and think that was my purpose! But I do admire the look. If only....

Cindy :)

Anonymous said...

sorry skipping some words there. just being a bit too quick with my typing...fast, but not that fast Xxx C-

dani said...

I think that people are now used to seeing me in "the big ones" in every weather and even at dusk. They stopped laughing years ago... I always blame my photosensitivity ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like the photosensitivity idea!


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