25 November 2009

falling in love again

Whether it's a classic car or a classic bag, both make me go weak at the knees. And while my classic car collection leaves something to be desired, I'm well on my way with the bags. My Gucci Jackie O Logo Bit bag (unofficial name made up by me on the spot right here right now) is my absolute armcandy du jour. It's been tucked away in my wardrobe for at least a year without so much of a glance, albeit luxuriously wrapped in its brown silk dustbag, and has only resurfaced this week after my brain was kicked into "Gucci-mode" following some mention of the brand on Twitter. Wonder whether anyone quite appreciates this particular intrinsic value of social networking sites, bet Gucci doesn't.
The beauty of a true classic is that it's not a trend and you can therefore rest assured in the knowledge of a safe investment which is just going to keep giving and giving and giving in terms of satisfaction. Stylewise a classic will also usually keep up with the rest of them (let's face it, that's what we pay good money for), not 100% of the time but most of the time and when used cleverly, a classic item is never boring. I love it when I can use my Gucci unconventionally, with something unexpectedly un-classic. Juxtaposition of styles is a passion of mine and works best for me when a classic's involved. I could never wear head-to-toe classics though, I'd pass out from sheer boredom.
I also like to think of these special pieces as insurance cover when I need it most - like now. My absolute favourite jeans are fraying and ripping but I can't bring myself to "put them away". My hair is in dire need of highlighting and cutting yet my hairdresser won't confirm an appointment that's soon enough for me. So what do I do? I slip on my GJOLB-bag and it's a look!
Has anyone else tried it? Do let me know.


Anonymous said...

sorry dear, do not be offended but i cannot follow women who want to be a walking advertisement for some kind of company. it's not that i will cut of and out every logo of clothes i have. but paying exagerating prices and then making pubblicity that's not my style. and what does it mean to a person to have a luxery brand item. are you better then someone else? i once saw a lady all dressed in YSL(hat, belt, handbag and whatever possibile) the only thin i thougth was a dutch saying "even if you give an ape a golden ring it still remains an ugly thing." laurien

style inside said...

completely understand your feelings and I totally agree with you. the fact that my bag has the gucci logo all over it is a minor detail (for me, not obvisously for Victoria Beckham). I love the bag, it's beautiful, especially with that pattern and I truly believe that some things are classics and are undisputably good in terms of design and quality, and I for one will and have made investments to this effect. Like you I abhor the idea of wearing YSL just for the sake of it. IF you wear YSL you can do it tastefully, without looking like an ape with a golden ring.
I am and will forever more champion The Style Inside. Some have it some don't.

Anonymous said...

i don't?! laurien

style inside said...

the ape doesn't, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Brands affect everybody - whether you shop at Aldi or Harrods, buy Peugeot or Audi, prefer Adidas over Nike, Canon over Olympus, YSL over Gucci, Peri over Al Porto, ALL our purchasing decisions are affected by what brands (companies) do to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Sometimes that decision is not a rational one, not simply about price or quality, there many other factors, including indulgance. We all need 'luxuries' to get ourselves through the grind of life, make us feel special and different.

So Anonymous, a question: whats your indulgance, your irrational purchase, your non-necessary item, what luxury 'thing' do you treat yourself with that makes you feel special/aware/different? Is it bread, wine, chocolate, holidays, cars, spas, books, art? Let me know.

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