03 August 2009

kiehl's and a panama

I forgot how much I love Kiehl's. On a carefree and very rare solitary wander 'round the Munich shops I couldn't resist going into OBERPOLLINGER where I walked straight into the Kiehl's counter and the very smiley German sales rep. Keeping a lid on it, I managed to buy only the one product, which in fact smells so good that every time I use it I have to restrain myself from drinking it. It's one of their latest products, a body lotion containing Moroccan Argan Oil, so the smiley Fräulein tells me - "and anything containing Argan oil or leaf extract is worth its weight in gold". Right, I'll be needing one then, and make it snappy! White Kiehl's paper bag dangling fetchingly from my arm I suddenly remembered the true purpose of my shopping trip... must not get distracted like this! So, for the occasion of my uncle's 72nd birthday, I swiftly proceeded to the menswear department on the 3rd floor where I successfully acquired a most suitable gift for a gentleman. A Stetson.

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