24 August 2009

english style

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of serving up copious amounts of Pimm's. And I fear I may have started something. A couple of my guests had a vague idea but the large majority had never heard of the English drink let alone tasted it, which I found astonishing but rather nice, as it gave me the opportunity of introducing the friendly gathering to this great old English summer tradition through grand tales of Wimbledon, the Henley Royal Regatta and Glyndebourne. Alas, now my Pimm's No. 1 Cup is empty and I need to make amends. Nobody seems to sell it round here so I've taken up the kind offer of my friend, whose father and brother are rather well-connected in the gastro-stakes, to make the necessary enquiries as to where one may obtain this fruity tipple without having to board a plane.
In an attempt to extend this glorious summer even further, and in the hope that my dear and well-connected friend returns with good news, I shall host a few more Pimm's No. 1 evenings. News also has it, dear friends, that Pimm's recently relaunched their No. 3 by renaming it Pimm's Winter Cup, and I have a feeling that this could also become a rip-roaring success around these parts once the first snowflakes have fallen. Who knows, in a few years we may have enough followers to present the Seasonal Ticino Pimm's Festival. I say, I think we've got something there!
NEWSFLASH: my friend has returned triumphantly from her quest - she is now the proud owner of a bottle of Pimm's No. 1 which she obtained from Locarno's superb wine store In Vino Veritas aka CANETTI's!


kittycakes said...

Yum! I want to attend the Ticino Pimms Festival! :)

dan said...

Just for the record: you can start organising! I can't believe I've lived this long without even hearing about it, let alone trying it. Thanks to you, now I could even be distracted from chocolate! xx

Ali said...

Just looked in our very British 'Drinks Cabinet'(although becoming more European by the day with latest addition 'Obst-wasser from a VERY dear friend!!!!) and realised we too are out of Pimms!!!!
If you click on this link below it will take you to Borage which it says has been replaced by mint nowadays as a garnish for Pimms. But I say thats not right- Borage flower (starflower) should also grace us with its presence floating beautifully amongst the ice and ok, maybe a bit of mint:

style inside said...

Point taken, dear Ali and will endeavour to locate il fiore di boragine (NOW you're impressed, aren't you???) when next mixing a jug. Won't do without the mint though. Call me oldfashioned! xxx

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