28 January 2010

can't YOU feel it?

How does it feel for you? Isn't it the same for everyone? To me it's flying. A huge welling up of an enormous emotional tidal wave that takes me all the way up to where I belong. It definitely makes me cry (most things do now) and it gives me chills. It makes me feel like a child again. Without it I'd be dead inside. My inspiration, my imagination and my life are fuelled by it. It cons me into thinking that I can move like Michael Jackson, nevermind sound like him. It has no gender, makes me feel like I could be a man just as well as a girl, I love that! My healthy obsession. Music. Not all music obviously. I have my standards or my level (as Mr R would point out dryly). I'm a teeny bit mainstream but my passion is true and I feel it. Deeply. I can do Elvis and Frank just as much as I can do Jay Z (surprising, isnt' it?). I love music more than any other art - nothing fills me with more hope, happiness and strength. I have a longstanding tug-of-war going on with my husband along the lines of "passion does not equal obsession". He thinks I've gone over the edge when I listen to one particular piece of music constantly for, dunno, 3 months. I can't help it if it makes me feel so good and so happy. Through no fault of their own, both our sons are now also showing (encouraging) signs of this finely tuned sensitivity to music. One more so than the other but both are definitely "on their way". I was considerably (I want to use the verb "brainwashed" but that would be so wrong) influenced by my own parents (father - Frank Sinatra, mother - Julio I. and Demis R. oh yes!) and I'm very grateful for it.
Back to the here and now: we are having a very long, very emotional MJ moment and it won't be long till  my youngest (with his iPod firmly plugged into his ears) will be able to recite the entire repertoire of songs including the dates they were recorded. It's a start. Actually it's a very good start. A fantastic musical foundation on which to build future passions, I think. So from our long, emotional MJ moment (have we done our 10,000 hours yet, Rich?), here are some firm family favourites. Feel it, it's just like flying.
PS: In my music fantasy, when I act out the video sequence of "The Way You Make Me Feel" I never know who I want to be more, MJ or the cool chick. How weird is that?


dani said...

Oh GOSH, yes... I definitely CAN FEEL IT. The same passion, joy, hope, strenght, love, obsession, infinite happiness that so often makes me look like absolutely mad! And so it shall always be!

style inside said...

You have no idea how happy that makes me!

dani said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the shivers all over ;)

Anonymous said...

Loving the 'can you feel it' tune and really understanding why it makes you cry. Remembering when you came to my house to share a U2 song, and when you cried, i loved you even more!


ali x said...

How well you describe the value of music in our lives. I have tracks from significant eras of my life, throughout my life- securely welded into my memory, they will never leave. Likewise playing the same track or album over and over again, recently when in my little art shed I listened to a local group from Devon, sing the same songs over and over again whilst creating amy mosaic over a period of 3 months!!!I'm going to sit on the plane now and go back over the years (there are many) compiling a list of the songs that relate to certain periods of my life...that should take my mind off my biggest fear of all, actually being in the plane! Thanks Steffi, you are my inspiration. Don't ever stop.

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